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Your subscription to our service includes both the "live" monthly Webinar training, plus the following valuable data screens, which cover the spectrum from conservative to higher-premium CC plays.


  • A protection play
  • All our "Collar" plays are net *credit*!
  • Buy stock, sell OTM CC, buy OTM put
  • Downside loss is limited
  • Can still experience 10% to 20%+ loss
  • Monthly (30-day) returns of 4% to 8%


Married Puts

  • Very strong protection play!
  • Low risk, low reward
  • Uses more expensive, ITM puts for protection
  • Max downside loss is LESS than 5%!
  • Monthly (30-day) returns of 1% to 2%


Covered Calls - ETF's

  • Exchange Traded Funds, trade like stock
  • No "single stock" risk!
  • CC's on popular, highly traded ETF's
  • Monthly (30-day) premiums of 2% to 12%