What is "seatbelt investing" (SBI)?

SBI is our premium service that adds four (4) pro-level features to your account.

The cost to join SBI is $1,295.00 (USD) per year. Buy SBI here

SBI gives you access to...


1. The amazing Weeklys data!

Weekly options are posted each Thursday, and expire in only one (1) week!

Weekly options expire quickly, and their value erodes rapidly...making them excellent candidates for SELLING.

And when you SELL options, you collect premium (cash).

AMAZING: Selling Weekly options is an "amazing" strategy because you can get DOUBLE premiums (*) in the same timeframe, compared to standard "monthly" option selling!

(*) Sometimes you can get more than double, sometimes less.


- Monthly covered call returns: 2% per month

- WEEKLY covered call returns: 1% per week (4% per month)


2. Positions PRE-SCANNED for BB+RSI entry points.

The Bollinger Bands and RSI are widely used technical indicators.

Proper use of the BB's and RSI help greatly with TIMING (entry): when to establish a position.

BB's = Trend Indicator

RSI = Momentum Indicator

(how to read BBs and RSI)

With the SBI service, we pre-scan the positions for you, to help you make objective timing decisions.

The BB's and RSI help you to Trade Deliberately.


3. Live Coaching

The SBI service also gives you access to our "seatbelt investing" (SBI) Coaching!

These are Live Coaching sessions, delivered via Webinar.

When you become an SBI client, we don't leave you to fend for yourself.

We want you to become successful...quickly.

We've found over the years that "live" student interaction helps greatly to speed up learning.

In other words, Live Coaching helps accelerate your learning process!

Per the study "The Making of an Expert" (in the Harvard Business Review) they found:

  • There is no correlation between IQ and expert performance.
  • Outstanding performance is the product of deliberate practice and coaching, not of any innate talent or skill.
  • All the superb performers had studied with devoted teachers.
  • Consistently the evidence showed that experts are always made, not born.

The Live Coaching available to you as an SBI client is an integral part of your learning process.


4. Our full Video Training Catalogue: the G.E.M.'s

The G.E.M.'s stand for: Global Education Modules

As an SBI client, you have access to our Video Training Modules, which allow you to study at your convenience.

These are pre-recorded training videos of both our basic and advanced topics.

The G.E.M.'s also include self-paced quizzes, to test your understanding of the topics presented.

You can watch and study the G.E.M.'s over-and-over again.

Details of the GEMs